As the world has changed, office life has changed along with it.


What used to be a room filled with filing cabinets and drawers upon drawers of important file containers, has now been converted into one single box, in the shape of a personal computer system, which could be positioned anywhere in a room. Capable of storing various files, from documents to worksheets, and even to images, personal computers have become powerhouse essential office equipment varieties.


3 of the Most Essential Office Supplies

3 of the Most Essential Office Supplies

Where there was once a room dedicated for basic telecommunication devices, we now have one small machine capable of making and receiving calls, data transmission inputting and outputting as fax documents, as well as the connection point for computer systems to connect to the information superhighway that is the internet. Phone/Fax Modems have now become quite essential communication devices which offices could greatly benefit from.


The Office World has truly changed for the better in the last fifty years.


But when thoroughly talking about the changes in the office world, one aspect hasn’t changed much. This would be delving into the area of office supplies, where the roster of items hasn’t changed since the starting days of offices.


Here are three of the most essential office supplies, which have not gone old in style, still being utilized for the practical and convenience value to serve to the office environment.


  1. Paper

Paper is one of the most essential of office supplies then, and still is today. Discovered in Ancient Egypt and in China thousands of years ago, the use of paper still hasn’t lost its value as the years have gone by.


Print official memos, legal documents and other letters on it. Transmit information using paper as a medium. Gain suggestions and other feedback through it. Do surveys with it. Regardless of what your business is, your office would surely need paper, for it to successfully function as a workplace entity. The most common forms of paper sizes takes shape with the Letter and Legal Size, measuring 8.5 x 11 inches and 8.5 x 13 inches, respectively. Having reams of each of these two types would greatly benefit your office, in terms of successful work flow and business survival.


In today’s digital age, hardcopy still holds the same value it did before softcopy came around. In fact, there are certain cases when softcopy isn’t considered as official as hardcopy is. If you’re fitting an office with equipment and such, do not leave paper out of the picture.




2. Writing Implements


Just as how paper is hailed to be an essential type of office supply, writing implements also are essential items to have inside an office. Ranging from ball point pens, to the more ink variety of sign pens, and even including pencils, writing implements are important to have inside one’s office. Take down notes using them. Write down important phone numbers and dates using them.


Bottom line, have them around inside your office. Mark dates, write notes on sheets of paper. When you need to remember details, having a writing implement handy is a good thing.


3. Sticker Items


When talking about office sticker items, think about glue/paste, tapes, staplers and stapes. You’d be amazed at how essential these sticker items are in an office environment. With these items, you could easily organize whatever paperwork you have. Staple two or three page reports together. Tape, for more security, a letter envelope containing important communiqué you plan to send to the bank.


In setting up an office, don’t leave out these sticker items.


Essentially, there are other items which are included in the list of essential office supplies. The above-mentioned three essential office supplies are simply the ones which have come to be of great value for those working inside an office.