Don’t let your kitchen go un-decorated! Most people don’t give much thought to decorating their kitchen, seeing it as a functional space. Adding some contemporary kitchen wall décor can make any time you spend in your kitchen much more enjoyable. If you are looking for some great kitchen decorating ideas, here are five:


  1. Pictures of your family or friends – Don’t just print some pictures from your computer and stick them to your wall! Have some pictures professionally printed or even transferred to a canvas. Hanging some posed or candid pictures of your favorite people can make your kitchen a much more welcoming place and can cover that blank wall space.
  2. Functional and fashionable shelves – If you are looking for some more storage, but also want to add some style to your kitchen, some bold shelves are the perfect solution. Whether you look for a set of floating, multilevel shelves that provide plenty of storage for glasses and bowls, or you want a very industrial metal free-standing rack to hold your silverware and extra cups, shelves are a great way to add visual interest to your blank kitchen walls.
  3. Decorate with your plates and cups – Instead of hiding your colorful or patterned plates, bowls, and cups in a cupboard, why not use them as wall décor? Getting some wall hooks and plate holders, you can line your blank kitchen walls with the cups, plates, and bowls you use every day. Now they’ll always be in reach and will add life to a kitchen.
  4. Bring in some greenery – Whether you put up some shelves or find some hanging wall planters, nothing livens up a kitchen like some living plants. You could even start a little on-the-wall herb garden so you will always have fresh thyme, basil, rosemary, and mint on hand for your dishes.
  5. Temporary wallpaper – If you are afraid of committing to wallpaper or live in an apartment where you are not allowed to paint or wallpaper the walls, temporary wallpaper is always a good option. It works just like wall decal and comes in as many varieties as permanent wallpaper. It’s also the height of contemporary kitchen wall décor, and because it is inexpensive and easy to take down, when it is flecked with spaghetti sauce or oil, you can just peel it down and put up a new design!