Decorating a child’s room should be fun! Getting to choose kids bedroom wall décor is an opportunity to be as fun and as spontaneous as you want. Decorating these spaces enables you to use your creativity to the fullest. Whether you’re looking for some inexpensive decorating ideas or just some inspiration to get you started, here are five ideas for kid’s bedroom wall décor:


1. Wall art from their favourite television shows. Finding canvas or framed wall art from your children’s favourite television show, which features their favourite characters, is easy. If you can’t find a piece that you love, you can even make a piece of art yourself by buying a blank canvas and printing a picture of the character off of the internet. Using a little paint and some creativity, you can easily transform a simple picture into a work of art.


2. Decals. Decals are very popular right now, especially for kid’s bedrooms. Available in a range of different styles, to match any décor, it is easy to find a set that will match your wall colours and help you achieve the design you desire. Available in graphics and simple designs, as well as in television show characters and sport legends, wall decals is an inexpensive and versatile wall décor option.


3. Professionally display their art. If your child likes to colour, draw, or paint, turning one wall into their very own art gallery is a great way to decorate a room and show off your child’s skills and encourage them to continue expressing their creativity. Simple black frames are a great way to go, but you could even just stick the pictures up with tape.


4. One large picture. If you have a large blank wall that needs some decoration, one large picture, either of a favourite character, a favourite animal, or some other favourite is a great way to fill up a large amount of space and really make a statement in your kid’s room.


5. Bulletin or magnet board. This is a place for your kid to put pictures he’s drawn, paintings he’s created, spelling tests he’s aced, and just about anything else. You can buy an attractive board from any home décor shop, and this will make it very easy for him to hold on to memories and display his accomplishments in his own room.