Golf is among the oldest of games still being played until today. Golf is one of the most recognizable of sports in the world today. Golfs superstars, professional players who have made world records, are among the most recognized of faces in the world today.


Fun Facts About The Sport Of Golf

Fun Facts About The Sport Of Golf

In the world today, golf is one of the most famous of sporting events, played by young and old, with professional events eagerly anticipated and followed, while recreational players, or amateur players, mastering their game every weekend. As with most sporting events, a cultural phenomenon is built around golf, one which is often associated with the words bordering between class and sophistication.


Briefly About Golf


Many are under the impression that golf is a complex game, but the truth behind the dynamics of a golf game isnt really that complicated. In essence, the goal in golf is to hit a ball into the holes which sprawl about in a golf course, using the most minimum number of strokes or swings possible. Other game variations entail teams, with each members aiming for lower swing-hole ratios.


As a sport, golf is one which calls for various clubs, with each type of club designed for particular hits, making it a highly equipment based game. Also, Golf is played on a non-standardized playing field, and is one of the few ball games which work on this premise. Typically, 9 and/or 18 hole golf games are the most common, with kiddie golf game variations available for children.


The Origins of Golf


There are many debates which argue about the origins of golf, with different points of view talking about how the Dutch, the Chinese, or the Scottish invented the game. To date, general credit for the invention of golf is given to the Scottish, where theories state it was made in the 1100s. In 15th century Scottish laws, a game called gowf was said to have been prohibited, with many scholars convinced that what was prohibited was golf. Though a number of scholars argue, this gowf is altogether a different game, many are still convinced of the Scottish origins of golf.


The golf name though, has a concrete history, as it comes from the Dutch word kolf, referring to a bat, a stick or a club. The Musselburgh Old Links Golf Course is known for being the oldest golf course in the world, with evidence indicating that golf games were played in this course since 1672.


Alternative Golf Games


There are such alternative golf games which are being played today, with mini-golf being the most popular.


Mini-golf games are primarily games intended for children to take part in, but is known to call for the attention of adults. In mini-golf games, the playing field is smaller, and built to have more obstacles in the form of creative fixtures, oftentimes showcasing various landmarks all over the world. Paris Eiffel Tower, the Netherlands Windmills, and Egypts pyramids would be commonly found set-up in mini-golf courses.


Spectator Sport and Still on the Rise


As a game, golf is one increasingly becoming a spectator sport. As it showcases various levels of amateur and professional tours, people are getting to watch more of golf games, making the best players of golf some of the most recognized faces in the world. Names like Annika Sorenstam, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, have become quite famous in the sporting world, and in the world, in general.


This spectator sport status doesn’t mean lesser people are now playing golf, but rather talks about how there are more people who prefer to eagerly anticipate golf games, over those who actually play golf games, as well as keeping tabs on golf events.

The fact that golf is one of the worlds oldest games, stands tall in defining it as a powerful game, one which has bearings of class and sophistication, indeed, a classic in itself.