Picking baby comforters and preparing your nursery for a newborn is always an exciting experience. However, unlike a toddler or child who could tell you what kind of blanket he or she likes, a baby has no way of telling you what kind of blanket they want or even if they are too hot or too cold. This can make choosing the right baby comforters a little stressful. Especially as a newborn, your baby will spend a lot of time wrapped in or sleeping under blankets—that’s what babies do.


You want to make sure you have the right blankets, so the baby is comfortable and warm, without being too hot. Here are some tips for picking baby comforters:


1. Look for softness and durability first. Don’t just buy the first blanket that catches your eye. You want something that is soft to the touch and that will stand up to repeated washing, as this blanket is going to be close to your baby’s sensitive skin on a regular basis, and is going to need to be regularly laundered, to keep it clean and useable. Cotton, fleece, and flannel are always good options. Stay away from wool, especially if you are buying online, as it is impossible to tell if the wool is soft or scratchy.


2. Then consider style. Baby comforters go through a lot. Babies are messy and their blankets often take the brunt of their mess. This often means that parents disregard style and choose instead just to pick the cheapest baby comforters they can find. However, it is possible to find a baby blanket that is just as cute as it is useful. This blanket becomes a part of your home’s décor and is often part of your wardrobe and the baby’s wardrobe—so pick something you genuinely like.


3. Consider the blanket’s features. Many baby blankets have a range of special features that make them ideal for not just keeping a baby warm, but keeping her healthy and comfortable. For newborns, swaddling blankets make them feel safe. Other blankest might by hypo-allergenic or antibacterial, which can help prevent sickness in these fragile, early years. Other baby comforters are designed to transition into toddler-hood, and are reversible, washer-friendly, and warm. Reversibility, swaddling blankets, and antibacterial treatments are all good features to look for in baby comforters.