Cellular phones have, with no doubt, become a crucial part of our lives. Going through the day without a cell phone is unimaginable for most us. This explains the reason why most people are always looking for dependable batteries for their cellular phones. It is for a fact that, no matter how good you are taking care of your battery, it eventually goes bad and that gives you a single problem. However, understanding your cell phone’s battery will ensure that these kinds of problems are greatly avoided.


To begin with, you must take time to understand the different types of batteries for phones. Some of the most common types of batteries include nickel metal hydride, ion batteries, and lithium batteries, as well as nickel cadmium batteries. If you are dealing with a recent phone model, then an ion battery may be appropriate while for outdated cell phones, nickel metal hydride batteries makes more sense than any other.


If you are using nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries, then you need to make sure you do not charge them when they have power since the charging process can wear out the battery over time. In addition, you should let the battery discharge prior to plugging it in.


To understand the mobile phone battery, you should also seek to understand the cell phone itself. You need to know that the type of phone they use have different power usage speeds. Smart phones for example tend to consume power more quickly due to the numerous applications that have been installed. You also need to ensure that the battery you use is compatible with the phone model you are using.


So how do you know if it’s time to replace your mobile phone’s battery?


Over time, you may realize that your mobile phone battery is only lasting for a few hours or just for a day even under normal use. When this starts to happen, then you know it is time you considering a replacement. Furthermore, if a battery feels strangely warm after charging, this may as well be a good indication.


Lastly, if the mobile phone battery decreases to a level that it completely fails to hold a full charge, then it’s time to buy a new one. To make sure that the replacement stores charge for a long time, you should ensure that:


  1. They turn off the phone’s backlit especially during the day.
  2. Unnecessary applications are uninstalled as they will just consume the power.
  3. One should also ensure that the Bluetooth feature is turned off when not in use as it just consumes power.
  4. And lastly, one should ensure that the display brightness is turned to the lowest setting possible to ensure that the mobile phone battery retains power for the longest periods.