A trade show event is all about presentation. The focus should be on your product in order to influence purchase decision among customers. Your trade show booth can spell a big difference between failure and success in meeting your desired goals.

Picture it this way: Your trade show booth can make or break your business. It serves as a powerful and direct reflection of the image and quality of your company. And your trade show booth display must be able to make a strong and good first impression and reach out to customers.

Whether you want to rent or have a used or custom-built unit, there are some things that you should keep in mind in order to win big with your trade show booth display. First, you need to consider the nature of event you will attend in order to choose the right type of booth. You can choose from different types of trade show booth displays such as pop-up, panel, tabletop and pull-up.

A key approach to getting the spotlight on your trade show booth is to display your products or services in a way that enables visitors to try and compare them. This also helps promote interaction with them and allow you to identify their degree of interest as well. It is important for any trade show booth to have the following elements for strong visual impact. These include color, design, motion, lighting and sound. Choose warm colors such as orange, red and yellow to grab more attention, although these colors have to be used carefully and selectively otherwise they may come out too strong or have different connotations. And while the colors blue, white and green can create a professional look to your display, these may not be strong eye-catchers.

You can also use motion to grab visitors’ attention to your booth. You can use a DVD projector, launch product demonstrations, try colorful streamers or different moving objects for more visual effect. Make your graphics and signage bright and big, yet clear, simple and brief enough to communicate effectively. Remember that the shorter the message, the greater the impact.

Your booth must be a three-fold dimension of your business’s image as well as marketing and sales efforts. Also, the design should establish your company’s identity and differentiate your business from other competitors as well. Make your booth design as clean and simple as possible. Avoid too much clutter. This way, visitors can have a clearer picture of your products without too many frills.

Be creative with your booth design at the same time maintaining the appropriate look to it as well. You can be amazed at how creative booth design can bring life to your product and draw the attention of the crowd.

Moreover, good and creative lighting can also attract attention to your booth. You can spotlight your featured product for better emphasis or use warm lighting that can draw people to your display area.

Good music can also help attract attention to your booth as well. However, just be sure that these sound effects are appropriate to your business or product and that sound level is just right to be heard in your spot at the same keeping other exhibitors near you from being distracted.

In addition to these elements, smell can also help draw a crowd towards your booth. A lot of exhibitors give away good smelling food such as popcorn to entice people. However, this technique may not always be an effective idea considering its triteness. Moreover, it may also distract your booth staff from their primary task of generating sales since they have to constantly serve these food giveaways.

In a trade show event, presentation is everything. So make your trade show booth design slicker than the rest with good design.