There are different professional auto detailing services that you could get for your car. The most common auto detail services include:


  • Full Detail: This detail incorporates cleaning the entire car. The exterior of the car, interior parts of the car as well as the engine.
  • Exterior Detailing: This entails cleaning the exterior part of your car, the body of the vehicle. Exterior detailing is specific to the paintwork of the vehicle, the vehicle’s chrome, the windows and the tires.
  • Interior Detail: This involves cleaning the vehicles interior parts. This includes the dashboard, interior side of the windows, the seats and the carpets. Interior detail can either be done by using shampoos or vacuum cleaners. It is important to note that care should be taken while undertaking this detail. This is because the interior of the car has delicate parts that need to be covered well. For example, the leather seats should be covered while using water.
  • Engine Detailing: This involves using pressure or steam water to remove dirt from the engine parts. Another key aspect to note is that, while doing an engine wash, all the delicate parts such as the rubbers and silicone should be covered well. If not, a lot of problems may occur to the engine.

Professional detailing is highly recommended at all times. This is because it ensures that all the proper covering procedures have been practiced and maintained. In addition to that, while detailing is being done, there are different types of products that are used for each part. These range from the polish, the wax and the cleaners. Therefore, if you are not sure of what product to use, it is better to consider professional services since cheap can be expensive.


Now that you are aware of the types of detailing and why professional auto detail services are better, another important factor to note is that you should always aim at taking your vehicle to reputable companies that have adequate experience. Therefore, here are some steps that could guide you as you choose that car detail company:

  • Look for a detail company that gives you what you want.
  • Go for detail companies that have more reviews: That means that a lot of people have been there.
  • Look for companies that offer their return customers discounts and more special services.
  • Choose detail companies that have affiliations: This will ensure that their services are reliable.